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Sue Spray, DVM
Woodworker  Artisan
About Sue's Woodworking
Sue works with exotic, highly figured and rare woods that are
naturally beautiful and have unique grain and figure patterns.
She has a special gift for turning this special wood into one of a
kind pieces that highlight and commemorate each exquisite
board.  Her craftsmanship is impeccable and she will absolutely
not settle for less that excellence in quality of material.  She
recognizes that the demand she places on herself for excellence
will result in only so many pieces she can create over her lifetime.
She makes each one count by  concentrating on each exacting
detail and makes no compromise whatsoever.  Figured and rare
woods will only continue to become rarer.  Sue tries to
immortalize each beautiful and unique board because she knows
they will probably not be available in the future.
Working with figured maple is very difficult.  It requires
patience and extremely sharp, perfectly tuned tools.  
Here, Sue is using a low angle jack plane to put a
glass like surface on the wood shown on the top of
a pen display box.  This allows the incredible depth
and figure of the grain to "pop" out.  Click on the
thumbnail photo below to see the incredible figure on the
pen box.
quilted maple box and coco bolo pen