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Sue Spray
Award Winning Woodworker  Artisan
Poplar Crotch Wood Platter $150
17" Diameter by 1 3/4" High
Perfect for Fruit or cookies or just to display
Redwood Burl Bowl $175
15 3/4 "Diameter by 5" High
Sue turning the
redwood burl bowl
pictured above.  She
has a special talent for
finding beautiful bowls
and platters in slabs of
wood.  That
lathe she is using was a
gift from Theron on
their 19th wedding
anniversary.  Not a
regular "girl present"
but Sue thought it was
the best gift ever.
Figured wood jewelry boxes $250 SOLD
8 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 5" high
We sell these as fast as we can make them.  Contact us to
get your name on the waiting list!
This is a commissioned project for an executive gift.  The pen is
made from Mexican Coco bolo Rosewood turned on a lathe
using hand tools.  The metal components are platinum and 22K
gold.  The medium point Iridium nib is crafted in Germany.  
The box is made from figured big leaf maple and Peruvian
walnut.  The maple was harvested in the Pacific Northwest and
sent to a chipper mill and was originally destined to be shredded
and processed into paper pulp. It was purchased and milled by a
California company that specializes in “rescuing” highly figured
wood to be used in specialty wood working. Only 1 in 10,000
trees exhibit this type of figure and grain.  The Peruvian walnut
grows abundantly in Mexico and South America and is a closely
related species to American Black Walnut tree.
Executive fountain pen in handcrafted figured display box.  SOLD
But we can create one for you.  Contact us for a quote.
Natural Edge Bowls
No two are ever the same.  This one is
from mountain oak harvested in Utah.  Sue
made it during a 3 day wood turning
workshop she attended to learn new
techniques in turning.  
Sue makes it a policy to keep the first
attempt at any new endeavor so she will
always have something to measure
improvement  of her skill.

Sue has made numerous other natural edge
bowls and platters.  They sell or are given
as gifts faster than she can make them.  
Currently, we have 3 pieces in stock that
range from $40 to $175.  Contact us if you
would like to see what is currently available.
Clydesdale Rocking Horse
This rocking horse is sure to
delight a young equestrian.  
Solidly built from solid woods and
hand carved and shaped.  Has
polyester braid mane, tail and foot
feathers and a leatherette harness.  
Can be created as an individual or
" matched pair" at your wish.  
Start at $1700 for a single horse.  
$3000 for a pair.
Click on photo for enlarged view.  To order go to contact page and submit an inquiry.  See purchase details on Place
an Order Page