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Sue Spray
Award Winning Woodworker  Artisan
Sue is a veterinarian board certified in comparative medicine.  
Comparative medicine is the study of anatomy, physiology and
cellular function of humans and animals for purposes of
furthering biomedical knowledge and advancement.  She retired
from the position of Senior Veterinarian at Scripps Research
Institute in La Jolla, California to pursue other interests.  
Particularly, research and development on aquaponics systems
and teaching workshops on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific
and in San Diego.

Though an accomplished medical professional, Sue is truly
inspired by fine woodworking and divides her professional focus
between developing sustainable living techniques and being a
woodworker artisan.  Her favorite pieces to create are hand
crafted  canoes from exotic and rare species of wood,  natural
edge slab furniture and stringed musical instruments.  She also
enjoys creating new designs of traditional furniture using
techniques across the various woodworking disciplines.