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Please Click Here to access a price sheet of guitars currently available.  IF you would like to come to our
shop to see and try our guitars, please just give us a call and we will happily arrange a time to do so.  
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Would you like to support us in our endeavors?

We build and sell pyramid planters, wall gardens and garden furniture to offset the cost of materials
and supplies needed to build our instruments.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the items below, please
contact us!  We will deliver in
San Diego and parts of Orange County for a small additional fee.
We also sell these items at the Vista Farmer's Market on the second Saturday of each month.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express.
Pyramid Planters
  • Great for Patios, Balconies and other
    small spaces.
  • Made from rot and insect resistant
  • Grow strawberries, herbs,
    vegetables, flowers and succulents.

Large Pyramid                $139.00
Plus tax
Small Pyramid                 $109.00
                                          Plus tax
Wall Garden
  • Over 9 square feet of planting in
    two square feet of space.
  • Grow a herb garden or plant
    with vegetables or flowers.
  • Strawberries love to cascade
    down the front, providing more
    than ample berries for
    strawberry short cake.
  • Snails and gophers are thwarted
    by the above ground design.  
    They have difficulty getting to
    the fruit before you do!

Wall Garden               $109.00
         Plus tax
  • Made from Clear Redwood a full 7/8" thick.
  • Very comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Composite screws used for construction
  • Available unfinished
  • Stain and water sealer can be applied for additional charge

Chair                                                $269
Table                                                $149
Set                                                    $599
Save $88!
(Two chairs one table)
Plus tax
Planting your Pyramid Planter
or Wall Garden is easy!
These planters are designed to sit on
patios or balconies.  They can also be
a feature in your garden.  The solid
bottom resists gopher invasion of your
planter.  If you want to move your
planter around, simply place it on a 4
wheel plant dolly available at home
and garden centers.
Fill your planter with potting mix, not
potting soil or garden dirt.  Planting mix
is lighter in weight and works great for
many plants.
Fill the pyramid by shoveling in the mix
through the slats.  The large pyramid
holds approximately two large bags of
potting mix, the smaller pyramid holds
approximately one bag.  Fill to the level
of the top slat.  Plant starting at the top
and work towards the bottom.  Water thoroughly and as needed.
*TIP* Plant vines in upper sections so they can grow down the corner supports.

Plant the wall garden by lying it down on its back with the top of the planter
slightly elevated. Fill the planter with potting mix.  Compact the soil so it will
remain in place when placed in its upright position.  Do not over fill.  Place plants
as desired and water thoroughly.  Allow to sit over night if possible to settle.  
When placed upright,, some soil may fall out.  Water as needed.
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