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Sue Spray
Award Winning Woodworker  Artisan
Construction Details Canoe #4
This canoe was a work in progress for over two years and has over
1100 hours invested in its creation.  It is the fourth canoe  created
and by far the best work.  

The hull is made from two 15 foot long 8/4 Sapele mahogany boards
that were resawn to ¾” and ripped into ¼” strips.  The strips were
numbered to maintain their orientation so the two sides of the boat
are book matched. Every strip has a cove milled on one side and a
bead milled on the other to allow tight fitting joints and increased
strength.  The entire inside and outside of the hull is covered with
fiberglass cloth and resin to increase strength and durability.

The accent strips in the side of the hull are full thickness and made from curly maple, bloodwood and ebony, laminated and pieced
together for the visual effect.

The gunwales are instrument grade curly maple from logs reclaimed from a chipper mill.  They have matching grain and the two sides of
the canoe are book matched.

The decks are full thickness veneer grade pommele sapele book matched, reinforced with inlaid curly maple and have a handhold carved
into both the fore and aft deck. A bloodwood and ebony accent stripe flank both sides of the deck

The carrying yoke is quilted maple with pommele sapele accent, carved to ride comfortably on one’s shoulders during portage or over
ground travel with a canoe

Both seats are hand carved and feature kangaroo hide lace woven into a custom pattern.  There is over 130 feet of lace in each seat.  The
foreword seat is adjustable to allow for balancing differences in weight of the front and back
paddlers.  A custom designed brass inlaid slot allows for 6" of travel forward and backward.   

The knobs that secure the seat in its position are laminated pommele sapele, ebony and bloodwood.

The entire boat weighs less than 80 pounds, and is fully waterproof and functional.  It can carry up to 600 pounds including passengers
and cargo.

There are numerous coats of Coma Berenice varnish on all surfaces of this canoe.  Each coat was applied and then wet sanded to allow
the smoothest blemish free surface possible.  The resulting finish is tough, waterproof and able to withstand significant use should its
proud owner ever wish to take it out for a ride.

Includes display stand and two matching paddles
Canoe #4
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Canoe #4
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Canoe #3
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Canoe #3 was a commissioned project from Diane as a gift to her husband Grant.  This canoe is built from Wester Red
and Eastern White Cedar Strips of various length.  The seats are cedar, walnut and cherry.  The carrying yoke is cherry
and the gunwales are ash.  Grant uses his canoe regularly.  He and Diane live on a lake in North Carolina.    
Custom Paddles
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Fully Functional
Signed, Dated and Numbered
Inscription of your choice
Unique, prestigious memento for a special occasion
Handcrafted display hangers available
"It's too pretty to put in the water!"
I hear this a lot and consider it the ultimate compliment!  Though most of the paddles I make are for display purposes and will probably never
see use in the water, they are built to be fully functional for canoing. I use highly figured domestic and exotic hardwoods.  The woods are
laminated together in full thickness sections.  I never use veneers.  The handle, shaft and upper blade are carved by hand. The blade is  
bookmatched and banded by a thin strip of contrasting wood for additional strength and interest. The blade also has a fiberglass and epoxy
coating to make it extremely strong and functional.  I put  multiple coats of marine varnish on each paddle to make them waterproof and

Each paddle can take up to 50 hours to make.  I strive for excellence in craftsmanship and absolutely will not compromise in quality of work or
materials. I sign, date and number each one.  I also will write an inscription of your choice under the fiberglass on the blade.  My paddles have
been used for wedding gifts and as investments in fine art.  They are an excellent way  to honor someone on a special occasion with a one of a
kind prestigious memento.