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Sue Spray
Award Winning Woodworker  Artisan
Custom Paddles
"It's too pretty to put in the water!"
I hear this a lot and consider it the ultimate compliment!  Though most of the paddles I make are for
display purposes and will probably never see use in the water, they are built to be fully functional for
canoing. I use highly figured domestic and exotic hardwoods.  The woods are laminated together
in full thickness sections.  I never use veneers.  The handle, shaft and upper blade are carved by
hand. The blade is  bookmatched and banded by a thin strip of contrasting wood for additional
strength and interest. The blade also has a fiberglass and epoxy coating to make it extremely strong
and functional.  I put  multiple coats of marine varnish on each paddle to make them waterproof and

Each paddle can take up to 50 hours to make.  I strive for excellence in craftsmanship and absolutely
will not compromise in quality of work or materials. I sign, date and number each one.  I also will
write an inscription of your choice under the fiberglass on the blade.  My paddles have been used for
wedding gifts and as investments in fine art.  They are an excellent way  to honor someone on a
special occasion with a one of a kind prestigious memento.
Curly Koa Paddle with Ebony Accents
Sold, but I can make one for you $1200