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Sue Spray
Award Winning Woodworker  Artisan
What is Special about Sue's Canoes and Kayaks
My mahogany and maple canoes are a result of much study
and endeavor.   I had seen canoes built of similar materials
and thought they were the most beautiful things I had ever
seen.  I visited the builder of those canoes, Phillip Greene, at
his shop in South Carolina and spent two days with him
talking about construction and the pursuit of building the
“perfect canoe”.  People who have seen one of Phillip's
canoes hanging in Sam Maloof's house tell me my canoes are
are much more interesting and beautiful.  I am thrilled to have
my canoes compared to such a master craftsman's!

"I don’t believe perfection is possible but I do endeavor to
achieve excellence in craftsmanship.  I begin with a search
for woods of the highest quality that will compliment each
other and result in stunning visual impact.  Every detail is
thoroughly thought through many steps ahead so the final
effect will be a well designed and constructed functional
work of art."
I hear this a lot and consider it the ultimate
compliment!  Though my boats usually hang
on a wall as a piece of art, they are fully
functional and a dream to paddle.
"It's too pretty to put in the water!"